Kartik Shah

A personal mentor

One of the senior most faculty of the Art of Living Foundation; working tirelessly to take forward His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji’s vision of creating a violence free, stress free society.

While he was still in his twenties, he had a promising & successful career as a Chemical Engineer with Reliance Industries Ltd. However, unlike other youngsters his age, he always had this inquiry into his life; far beyond the normal cycle of job-money-career-marriage… “What is the purpose of my Life?”

At the age of mere 18, he started participating, organizing and teaching Art of Living courses with the same vision as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji of bringing a smile on every face & create a sense of belongingness amongst everyone.
Thousands of people across the country & abroad have benefited through his teachings of entry and advanced level courses of the Art of Living Foundation. He continues to travel extensively to reach out to more & more people to help them transform their lives.

He has addressed numerous groups of corporates, defence, young professionals, doctors, chartered accountants, government officials; unfolding the secrets of life through his courses.

He also guides & trains aspiring volunteers to become Art of Living teachers.

He nurtures a delightful passion to keep discovering unknown aspects of life and preparing one’s mind to explore realities of one self.

His latest revelation about an aspect of life has been written and published in the form of a Gujarati novel, “Rang De Re Mann”, which has got tremendous response from its readers.