Roadmap to super success


Date:-  5 th & 6 th October

Time:-  6:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Vanue:-  Vanijya Bhavan, Race Course Circle, Vadodara.

Contact:-  8469 477 844, 9328 799 300

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How will this workshop help?

There comes a time when you feel that I need to improve myself or I need to redesign my personal & professional life…

Very few people in this world are aware of their potential, power and the freedom to design their lives.

This seven-hour workshop will enable you to redesign your personal & professional life…

What is a Roadmap?

Roadmap to growth is a step by step process that includes

This workshop will guide you to create your own Roadmap step by step from time to time

Four steps to a Brilliant life

A)    Building the right attitude

B)    Self-management

C)    Strengthening the belief system

D)   Designing destination

A)   Building the right attitude

How do you look at your life?

Your attitude is your perception towards the present condition of life.

Recognizing attitude is important as it reflects in your ACTIONS, BEHAVIOUR & THOUGHT PROCESS.

Right attitude helps you to grow in the right direction.


Do you want to learn how to build the right attitude?

B)  Self-management

Management is fundamental to any growth. This workshop teaches the secrets of managing mind, energy, time & money.


If you learn self-management, you can manage EVERYTHING.

C)  Strengthening the belief system

How is your attitude formed?

Your attitude is formed from your belief system.

Your ‘practicality’ comes from your beliefs and your beliefs make you weak or strong.

A belief system acts as a foundation for you to build your life on like land.

positive mind

Want to experience the miracles of the RIGHT BELIEF SYSTEM?

D)  Designing destination

Learn about your strengths, limitations, passion & potential and design YOUR Blueprint for the next 90 days.

When you have a crystal clear vision of your destination then your journey will be effective and fruitful.


Explore your purpose and design your destination.

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