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I excel I lead program

The typical challenges faced by business leaders whilst stewarding their growth are competition, conducive government policies and banking regulations, matching economies of scale, payment and credit issues and most importantly attracting and nurturing talented and skilled workforce. It is every businessman’s dream to have an enthused workforce who shares the passion of contributing to the company’s vision.

These challenges cause a lot of stress that robs the business owner or top management from living happily and enjoying the moment. We believe that all the above challenges can be easily combated and a plan to leap frog into the future can be made whilst maintaining an unwavering smile.

The iEXCEL iLEAD program provides simple tenets to living life sans all the stress. It has interactive sessions, panel discussions and health programs like yoga, pranayama and a unique breathing technique called the Sudarshan kriya. The program helps in understanding the human psyche, understanding the self and most importantly offers sutras to being an inspirational leader.
The programs have been well accepted by leaders in the industry to be very beneficial and an eye opener to understanding people, employees and business in the bigger context of appreciating life.

I Excel I Lead program brings to you the leadership mantras of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to achieve success and excellence in business. This workshop is specially designed for business leaders who are responsible for the success of their enterprises and who are looked upon to deliver quality to their workplace.

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