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These 3 hours workshop can be arranged in Institution, organization, Corporate etc. The objective is to impart trainings to people belonging to any segment or any age in the society by various seminars. These are designed by Kartik Shah, putting his 24 years of teaching experience. It can bring very powerful knowledge to the participant and one can transform their mind to super positive state.

Topics :

1. Mind and Meditation – Improving the quality of Life

1) Understanding Human Mind and exploring the theories behind it with practical ways.
2) Importance of Energy, Sources of energy & ways to keep energy at high level
3) Understanding of – how your breath is connected with emotions.
Learning few techniques which helps you to eliminate stress with breathing process.
4) Jumping out from negative to Positive! YES with the help of Meditation.
Practicing it, improving productivity with the help of meditation.

2. Health & Happiness – The real secret of Success

This program reveals the secret of Success, We always look into outer side for success but the success formula says something else! This 2.5 Hours program makes you understand the importance of inner peace & happiness for success.

1) Exploring – Are you happy or searching for it!
2) Happy state of mind is formula for Success.
3) Overcoming harmful tendencies of Mind – Leading towards positivity
4) Techniques to manage stress – Being More productive.

3. IPOD – Inner Peace Outer Dynamism


1) What makes us restless? What is that takes away our enthusiasm and energy? What is that which bogs us down, steals our dynamism and peace? It happens when we come out of comfort zone, takes higher responsibility, take risks.

2) Normally we are troubled with outward lethargy and inner dynamism. The key is to flip this equation, so we live and exhibit “inner peace and outer dynamism”. The key is to taking care of the mind and emotions through breath and meditation.

This Interactive & Practical wisdom guides you how to develop that unique combination of Inner Peace and Outer Dynamism!

4. Winning over the world – The Secret of universal laws

• The law of attraction – Science behind positive thinking
• The words describes the law as accounting for a magnetic power that is emitted through one’s thoughts. The power of thoughts is likened to the power in a transmission tower, which sends out a frequency to the universe and then returns the same frequency in a physical or elemental form.
• Create your own world – Your thought makes a difference!

These practical words of Kartik shah will help you to achieve your goal and fulfill your dreams by overcoming obstacles and problems.

5. AAZADI – The real Freedom

Content :
• Exploring the meaning of Real freedom – True freedom is freedom from negative thoughts, emotions and Behaviors.
• How to get free from Negative mind set? – Few easy steps
• Making life celebration.

6. Evolving the Leader within – Reach your leadership potential

This program is specially designed for young professional & under graduates. The program will help you to enhance your leadership and communication skill. It also brings leadership skills that are necessary to maintaining successful personal relationships.
• A characteristics of Leader & how to develop it
• Leadership & Responsibility
• Exploring – Lead without title
• Effective communication